Webinar 1: April 27, 2022 -2pm EST Zoom / 20:00 CET

Webinar 2: April 27, 2022 -6pm EST Zoom / 8 am (28th) AEST

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How to create multiple 3D wax-ups in minutes with SmileFy to validate esthetic treatment outcomes with your patient

Case Study: How presenting the patient with the expected treatment outcome helps the patient to make the educated decision: Restorative vs. Gingivectomy + Restorative.


April 27th - 2PM (EST)

April 27th - 6PM (EST)

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What we will Cover?

Join us to learn how creating in-office 3D digital treatment plans allows you to evaluate the patient’s esthetic desires while educating them on the necessary stages of the treatment before it begins.

With your patient's IO scans and photographs, easily plan treatment options digitally, 3D print, and test it on your patient's mouth to provide them with a clear understanding of the final result.

Take the freedom to 3D plan and perform your own cases with Smielfy, reduce lab costs, and give your patients the ultimate chairside experience in your office.

Learn Objectives


Dr. Diogo Alves

Dr. Alves is a post-graduate in Implantology and prosthodontics from the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil. Dr. Alves is the Clinical Director for the SmileFy Academy and an internationally recognized lecturer who is actively involved in teaching how to implement digital smile planning through facial and dental analysis to deliver minimally invasive treatment plan options that are patient focused using simple digital technology. This subject has been taught by Dr. Alves on AACA 2021, AACD 2021, FLACA 2021, SBOD 2021 ( Brazilian Dental Society), IDDA 2021( London – UK) Un. of Florida 2020, and to over 12,000 doctors and dental technicians through live online presentations in 2020 alone.