Turning Your Patients Dream Smiles into a Reality

As more patients are losing fewer teeth throughout their lifetime, the desire to have a more natural-looking esthetic smile has become one of the most powerful incentives for a dental visit

Patients are feeling increasingly comfortable returning to dental office visits and many opportunities appear for dental practices to increase acceptance rates of treatment plans. Recent studies have shown that around 66%* of clinics do not feel they have the necessary technology to ensure effective patient communication making them at risk of losing not only new patients but also existing patients.

Start with Smile Simulations

SmileFy gives you an opportunity to rethink the way you approach your patients using visual communication while also learning new ways to deliver the smile your patients desire with the help of easy-to-use dental technology.

The Smile Simulation module of SmileFy is a very user-friendly feature primarily focused on motivating and educating your patients. It’s where treatment planning begins and, of course, it starts with your patient. 

Before and After in 4 Easy Steps

With just a few minutes you can begin impacting the way you approach all your cosmetic treatments. 

When creating the smile simulation with Smilefy’s A.I technology, the software automatically generates a before and after photo and video that you’re able to share with your patient via email, airdrop, or even text message.

Sharing the smile simulation with your patients gives them something tangible that they can take with them to show their loved ones and assess the treatment plan you’re proposing.

Here’s how it goes.

1 - Take a smiling picture of your patient
Frontal Picture - Smile Simulation
2 - Set the smile outline according to wishes
Smile Design
3 - Generate a Smile Simulation in 1 minute or less
4- Show the before and after simulation to your patient!
You don’t need much to perfect communication with your patients:

1 – A SmileFy Plan where you can create unlimited smile simulations for every patient (yes, unlimited smile simulations through an annual AND monthly membership plan)

2 – Good lighting for your pictures.  A selfie ring light you can attach to your iPhone or a portable ring light with a stand work well!

3 – An iOS device such as an iPhone, iPad, iMac, or Macbook so you can download and use the application.

Immerse yourself in the smile design world. Do it for you, do it for your patients!

Have a question for us? Email us at support@smilefy.com so we can better assist you!