AI technology and Automation for predictable & successful treatment OUTCOMES for each patient.


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Unique Cases & Treatments

Each treatment is unique due to the condition of the patient’s oral health as well as the ability/skill set of the practitioner/dental lab. These factors contribute to the uncertainty of the treatment outcome.

Standards for predictable outcome

SmileFy’s AI and automation in treatment planning, diagnostic and smile design reduce the uncertainty and make the treatment outcome predictable and more accurate.

Your Immediate Benefits

How do you initiate your Smile Design cases with SmileFy?

Increase in larger cosmetic cases

Visualize the expected treatment outcome for your patients and see significant increase in your case acceptance rate.

Increase treatment outcome predictability

Combine AI smile design with diagnostics: treatment plan based on biological evaluation of the patients – evolving the clinical expertise of your dentists.

Reduce time
& costs

Collaborate effectively with your specialists/dental lab on each case directly on the platform to reduce time and costs. Increase your profitability on each case.

Your Path For Excellence During Every Treatment For Every Patient.

1. Motivate your patient

Create irresistible AI powered before/after smile simulations with SmileFy in just 1 minute. Don’t have time to do it yourself? No problem, we will do it for you.

2. Design & plan the new smile

Diagnose and design new smiles based on the clinical exam and what is anatomically possible for the patient – using SmileFy’s automated 3D Design and Diagnostics for accuracy. No time? No problem, we will do it for you.

3. Test and perform final restorations with accuracy

The 3D smile design is a blueprint for your final restorations. Export your design for 3D printing and proceed with any CAD/CAM software to produce the final restorations.

4. Collaborate effectively with your specialists and lab

Save time and cost on each treatment by instantly sharing your patient’s files and designs with your specialist(s)and lab while remaining HIPAA Compliant. Reduce errors and inefficiencies.

Why SmileFy Is The Right Choice For You?

Simple and easy to use

Minimal training needs for your team

Outsource services:
we design for you

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