You Need Smile Simulations in Your Practice and Here's Why

Let’s face it, till this day the first thing that comes to a patient’s mind when going to the dentist is: “they’re going to tell me that I need several dental treatments and they will charge me greatly for it.”

And they aren’t wrong. Dental treatments aren’t necessarily the most affordable healthcare treatment out there. Convincing your patients that taking care of their oral health is more important than buying a luxury bag or getting a new car is often a challenge in many dental offices today.

Poor communication is one of the top reasons your patients churn.  With lots of jargon or little illustrations that do not capture your patients’ attention, they often don’t recognize the importance of what you’re proposing. Instead, your patients simply listen and walk out without getting the best treatment option you could perform on them. Is a similar scenario happening in your practice?

How do you make your treatment plan sound indispensable? You do so by creating a comprehensive visual experience your patients will thank you for.

Present your treatment options with smile simulations

Your patients are becoming more aware of their health and preferences when it comes to treatments. The problem is this can sometimes cause confusion of what you want to propose for them.

By delivering smile simulations on your first consultation, you’re able to manage your patient’s expectations by proposing treatment options based on your clinical findings.

A smile simulation can be used in many specialties in dentistry.
For example, take this edentulous case below:

In the smile simulation above we have a potential case for Full Mouth Rehabilitation. Although the necessary treatment steps are complex and can be sometimes difficult to explain to the patient, a smile simulation can be done in less than 1 minute to show the patient what’s possible if she follows the treatment plan you propose.

By visualizing the transformative esthetic changes the patient makes an emotional connection to this permanent enhancement. 

So why should you use smile simulations in your practice?

By just using smile simulations in your consultations you can add immense value to your work. It eases and facilitates communication with your patient and at the same time it enables you to improve communication with your dental technician so they can understand your vision for the treatments you are proposing for your patients. 

It’s a marketable and motivational tool that can be especially used to entice new and existing patients to consider treatment.

Start now and go BIG!

AI Smile Simulations from start to finish in less than a minute are possible. Try it now!
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