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In recent years, clinicians are taking a more hands-on approach in the office and creating the mock-ups themselves because there are user-friendly interfaces making it easier to design the case digitally and to take control over your treatment plan.

You can be doing the same.

To fully optimize any cosmetic workflow in your practice, designing and delivering a 3D digital mock-up will guide you through a more conservative yet predictable teeth preparation and final restorations. SmileFy allows you to design the digital mock-up and send the STL to your lab for a physical model or you can print it yourself to perform mock-up trials, print provisionals, create reduction prep guides, palatal silicone guides, and prototype final restorations.

Go digital and be in control of your cases like these clinicians.

A case that has a clear vision of the final restoration will go much more smoothly because of it:

  • Increases the predictability of the final restorations
  • Reduces the number of surprises during the procedure
  • Drastically improves the communication between laboratory and dentists to impact the desired results

Get 3 mock-ups designed by our Smile Designers when you GO Premium!

With the Annual Premium Plan, you get:

✔ Unlimited before & after smile simulations

✔ 3D Smile Design for your digital mock-ups

✔ Functional Smile Design (upper & lower arch)

✔ Premium Support

✔ Unlimited export of your designs (STLs) to 3D print, mill, and proceed with any CAD/CAM software for final restorations

✔ Online Live Training Sessions for you & your team

✔ TeamUp In-app collaborating tool

Not sure which plan is right for you? Schedule a call with us so we.

OFFER VALID UNTIL MIDNIGHT TODAY! Get 3 mock-ups designed by us when you GO Premium!

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