Digital Wax-ups: In-office Workflow

How presenting the patient with the expected treatment outcome helps them in making an educated decision

Case by Dr. Diogo Alves

Case: Restorative vs. Gingivectomy & Restorative

Creating in-office 3D digital treatment plans allows you to evaluate the patient’s esthetic desires while educating them on the necessary stages of the treatment before it begins. With your patient’s IO scans and photographs, different 3D digital wax-ups can be created, 3D printed, and trialed in your patient’s mouth to provide them with a clear understanding of the final results.

In this particular case, we have a patient with a high lip line and short laterals and premolars. The patient came in wanting to increase the length of the upper laterals only, however, when we performed a smile simulation chairside on her first appointment, we were able to show the patient a visual of different smiles.

Facial photographs, intraoral scans, and a CT scan were taken of the patient and imported into SmileFy to begin a 3D smile plan according to what was discussed with the patient in the first visit. Two 3D digital wax-up options were created on the same day using SmileFy 3D. We then exported and 3D printed the physical models to create the silicon keys.

It’s important to note that being able to visualize your patient’s hard and soft tissues digitally in SmileFy allowed us to evaluate the height of bone crest and biological space giving us the chance to perform a more predictable and conservative treatment.

The patient was invited back for a second visit where we “tried on” both smiles so she could see what esthetic changes would come from each. In one mock-up the goal was to show the gingivectomy first in the posterior region, followed by aesthetic restorations. In the second mock-up we only showed composite resin restorations in an esthetic region without performing a gingivectomy.

Now that the patient has a clear vision of both treatment plan options, she can choose the treatment that she feels more comfortable and pleased with. The patient here decided to perform a gingivectomy + osteoplasty followed by the aesthetic composite veneers.

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Learn more about this case and how to use digital wax-ups for treatment planning chairside by watching the webinar from Dr. Diogo Alves.

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