Ackuretta & SmileFy
Creating Perfect Smiles with Intuitive Integrated Workflows

Hallandale, USA, May 2022– Ackuretta, the innovation driver in dental 3D printing solutions, is partnering with SmileFy, a groundbreaking chairside 3D treatment planning solution for dental professionals to improve the predictability of treatment outcomes.

The facially guided AI-driven smile design process by SmileFy is now fully integrated with the Ackuretta slicing software, Alpha 3D, and the 3D printers, SOL and DENTIQ. This integration allows practitioners to design a smile, 3D plan the treatment digitally, and 3D print appliances chairside during the same appointment.

The partnership between Ackuretta’s human-centered dental 3D printing technology and SmileFy’s chairside CAD solution pushes digital dentistry forward and creates seamless workflows for dental professionals. These intuitive workflows address the need for more efficient and simpler methods of delivering high-quality results, elevating patient experience while requiring minimal training.

By implementing both SmileFy and Ackuretta’s digital workflow, dentists can save time and costs by designing and printing in-office all while gaining more control of the aesthetic outcome for each patient. Even dental technicians can benefit by having direct access to patient cases and designs, minimizing turnaround time and improving communication.

“Integrating with the SmileFy platform gives Ackuretta users the opportunity to optimize their in-office workflows and truly use their 3D printer to its full capacity. Consider it a one-stop-shop for all aesthetic dental cases. In an increasingly digital dental industry, simple and result-yielding solutions are essential and that’s what we’re aiming to achieve here,” states Ayush Bagla, CEO and Founder of Ackuretta.

The Ackuretta and SmileFy partnership is a great step forward in enabling dentists to ensure quality and predictability for all their patients’ aesthetic cases. Same-day dentistry is becoming more attainable, and with these two pieces of technology, it’s now a reality for many clinicians and patients.

Original article from Ackuretta Website

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